DETERLite: AI to tackle

Human Wildlife Conflict

Image Courtesy: Biplab Hazra

DETERLite | Our Product

An AI-based Multi-Species Deterrence Device

DETERLite is a one-of-a-kind solution to address Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC).

Using TinyML, this smart device can distinguish individual species of animalia and produce species-specific audio and visual deterrents. Habituation-proofed through randomization, DETERLite uses research-based audio interventions, while also allowing users to upload their own deterrence audio to allow for effective test-and-use of local knowledge.

Its off-grid capability facilitates deployment in areas without electricity and network coverage. When deployed in a cellphone coverage area, DETERLite can notify animalia detection. Lightweight and easy portability allows swift redeployment depending on the direction of wildlife incursions.

DETERLite combats Human Wildlife Conflict. Humanely.


DETERLite: Its Unique Features


One device is all it takes to deter multiple species in any location.


Robust Solar-powered batteries and removable backup batteries allow for year-around operations.


TinyML based AI device that is electric and network grid independent. Perfect for use in forest peripheries and remote villages where HWC is often highest.


Lightweight and easily portable for deployment in active Wildlife Conflict hotspots where the wildlife approach paths vary on a frequent basis.

Configuration Ease

User-friendly App interface to control all variables of the product and also upload audio files, thus enabling for field learnings to be swiftly operationalized.

OTA Sync

New and improved Wildlife libraries can be easily upgraded using Over The Air sync feature. In network-coverage areas animalia-notification alerts can also be enabled.


Co-Founder & Functional Head

Vinith has an degree in Geoinformatics Engg from Anna University and a Master’s in Sustainable Development from Tel Aviv University.
After a 23-yr stint in the software industry, Vinith had a mid-career change to focus on social issues that can be addressed using technological innovations. Vinith manages the product features & functionality, and is responsible for partner engagement.

Co-Founder & Technical Architect

David completed his Ph.D in Computer Science from Oxford University with foundational degrees in Mathematics.
After a 35-yr career which included heading Product Development at Microsoft and Hitachi, David turned to using his expertise in AI/ML, Data Modelling, IoT and Image Processing to solve real-world challenges across multiple domains.